Mission - Vision - Core Value - Goals

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Love God….Love People…Make Disciples of Jesus Christ







To the glory of God, we are called to become just like Jesus, through a passionate God-connection that fuels a compassionate human-connection.



Core Value


Our core value is love.  We love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength and our neighbors as ourselves.  This value is commanded by Jesus, inspired by our Wesleyan heritage including to spread scriptural holiness over the land, and witnessed through our integrity, accountability and inclusiveness.  We seek to live out this Core Value of love through these practices:


Radical Hospitality


Passionate Worship


Connection and Service


Extravagant Generosity


Intentional Faith Development







Congregational Growth – spiritually and numerically


Leadership Development – discover and employ our gifts; mentor others


Become a Missional Church – reach out in tangible ways with the love and grace of Jesus Christ