Preschool Praise Room (3 yrs. to pre-K)



 I am God's Child




We will be learning how to be friendly to others this month.  If you have never visited this room you are missing out.  Join us at anytime for a visit, who knows you may not want to leave you'll have so much fun!!


This is an action packed time filled with

 Bible stories, prayer, games,

 snacks, crafts, and much more.



 You don’t want to miss a Sunday here,

there’s too much fun to be had.


All children are welcomed ages pre-school to pre-kindergarten.


What to Bring:

Nothing But Smiles!!!!

You will need no sippy cups or diaper bags in this class.  All children will use big kid cups (we provide) during snack and have to be potty trained to enter this class.   
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Procedures:

When you arrive in our childcare area please stop at the sign-in table to properly check in your child.  A leader at this table will help you fill out 2 paper wrist bracelets for your child.  One will be placed on your child’s wrist the other is for the adult.  Adults do not have to wear the bracelet just take the remaining bracelet with you for pick-up purposes. 


We also ask you to sign your child in on the sheet.  Listing your location during your child’s stay and printing your name. Any information you would like to share can be placed on the sign in sheet. 




We provide an array of snacks and water for the children.  According to their age we have cheerios, graham crackers, gold fish crackers, fruit snacks, vanilla wafers, and more.  If your child has a food allergy please specify when checking in.  On some occasions we will serve fresh fruit or vegetables we also may go to the kitchen and make our own snacks.


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Saying Good-Bye:

After you have completed the check-in process, we ask you give your child a quick good-bye saying you will be back after you finish singing and praying.  Our workers reaffirm this throughout their stay with us.  It is normal for children to cry when leaving a parent; this does not last long, and becomes easier over time.  Our workers will immediately try to create interest in a toy, activity or snack.  If your child continues to cry and cannot be consoled, we will notify you. 


Feel free to check on your child at anytime during the worship service.  We ask that you do this discreetly, trying not to let your child see you.  



Pick-up Procedures:

No older siblings will be allowed to pick up children from this room.  Please make sure whoever picks up your child (mom, dad, grandparent, etc.) has your child’s ID bracelet.