What We Offer!


For over 44 years, the purpose of Christ United Methodist Preschool has been to provide children with a Christ-centered environment that allows them the freedom to learn more about the world and themselves.  As we are a Christian Preschool, our curriculum includes monthly Bible stories, religious significance of holidays and basic Biblical truths.  We recognize each child as an individual with different needs and characteristics.  We provide a diversified preschool program that is FUN, EXCITING, and STIMULATING through age-appropriate activities which enhance each child's unique social, intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities.   

            We are blessed to have a staff of loving individuals with many years of experience in Early Childhood Development.  They are devoted to making your child's first school experience a positive one, because we know that it will lay the foundation for the many years of schooling which will follow. 

            The goals of the Three Year Old classes, Four Year Old classes, and the Pre-K class are to help children socialize easily with other children, explore their creative abilities, and stretch their imaginations. We help them do so through structured daily activities, art projects, and field trips. An integral part of our curriculum is the teaching of School Readiness Skills (being able to stand in line, learning to listen and follow simple directions, getting used to a daily routine, numbers, letters, phonics, shapes, colors, name recognition, and more), which will help to make the transition to Kindergarten easier for your child. There are many opportunities for you to share in your child’s class experience. You will come on field trips, may help with special projects and attend our holiday festivities. In addition, we ask parents to provide snack & drink for their child’s class about once every month.  You are welcome to observe the classroom at any time.

            The Millcreek School District and the Erie School District require a child to reach the age of FIVE by September 1st before entering Kindergarten. We also follow this cutoff date.  ALL CHILDREN MUST BE POTTY TRAINED. A child MUST be THREE years old by September 1st for the Three Year Old classes and FOUR years old by September 1st for the Four Year Old classes.  Children entering the Pre-K class should be FIVE or developmentally ready for the challenges of this class. Children will be assessed before entering the Pre-K class.


We offer the following classes:

3 year olds - Monday,Wednesday,Friday


3 year olds - Tuesday,Thursday



4 year olds - Monday, Wednesday,Friday


(2 classes)


4 year olds - Monday, Wednesday, Friday



Pre-K class - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday

9:00am-12:00pm  with

possible field trips on Thursdays


*Enrichment Program - one day each month


*Available to 4yr old classes and Pre-K class. Additional fee of $12.00 a month.


ALL CLASSES have 1 Teacher and 1 Teacher Aide. We do not accept more than 16 students per class for the 3's and 4's classes and 14 students in the Pre-K class.